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I have two people to thank in this post. First, Anginet of Anginet Photography and Design, who designed my fabulous logo and postcard and provided the photography as well! She has so much talent it couldn’t be narrowed to one field. And second, but equally important, J-Renee bridal accessories, who generously hired me to make 3 paper bouquets for their launch at the New York Bridal Market at the Piers and handed out at least 300 of these lovely postcards! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Check Anginet out at anginet.com and J-Renee Bridal Accessories at http://www.j-renee.com.

I just love how the card and logo design look! Fun and whimsical with a dash of professional in there too. I also love that it shows a bouquet and boutonniere–can’t forget the groom. The pieces are from my phenomenal friend’s ten-year anniversary. She planned an amazing, completely unforgettable event, which deserved equally memorable floral work! Design and photography courtesy of Anginet Photography.


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Some of my pieces

These centerpieces were done for a dear friend of mine for her baby shower. Her daughter’s name begins with an “R” so we incorporated¬† her initial into the design. We kept it modern and simple using the contrasting black and white to showcase the color of the flowers. The baby’s breath was real–an added touch by the event’s hosts.









This large bouquet was for J-Renee, a new line by the creator of Veil Trends. J-Renee makes gorgeous bridal accessories which they launched at the New York Bridal Market at The Piers this month. Check them out at http://www.j-renee.com or http://www.veiltrends.com. The owner asked for 3 pieces in total. The color palette for the larger piece was a rich red, sunny yellow and an off-white paper from a book. I added touches of apple green, coral/orange, and black to give a little contrast and bring it all together. Love this piece!








The smaller two pieces for J-Renee had a lovely color combination. Again, the rich red for cohesion of all three bouquets, black and white harlequin paper and my favorite off-white book paper. To add some pop I added a peacock-colored ribbon and for texture and balance a jewel-toned paisley ribbon. I was really pleased with the overall effect.









And last, but not least, a bridal bouquet for a J-Renee accessory photoshoot. The amazing photographer Anginet Page of Anginet photography provided the lense that captured this texturally rich bouquet. For this bouquet I used cool tones included peacock blue paper, a pale seafoam green paper and the my favorite off-white book paper. I really wanted the piece to be unique so I embellished it with feathers, sparkling silver nests and leaves, and then finished it with a touch of vibrant red. Photograph provided by Anginet photography, check her out at anginet.com

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What I make…

I create custom and prearranged paper flower bouquets, centerpieces and boutonnieres. I like to use different types of paper and add a little fun with other mediums: like floral picks, ribbon, and feathers. I love to create unique projects with contrasting color and variation in texture. No two flowers are alike–since they are handmade, not machine made. The process of starting a paper flower project is exciting, nerve-wracking, and magical. I work very organically. I let the materials, the client, and the parameters inspire me…instead of bending or forcing the materials to my will. It is a process, like any other creative process for me, where the end result is directed but pleasantly unexpected! I always have a vision, but some flexibility goes a long way.

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Kailibird–the beginning

This project has been a lifetime in the making, if I’m really honest. I have been crafting, creating and designing my whole life. Whether it’s been an art project in grade school, a web page in college, a floral arrangement while working in a floral department, or a haircut behind the chair. My life has revolved around bringing out the beautiful–whatever the medium. Today the medium is primarily paper with a few fun extras mixed in. And so my paper garden has begun.


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